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weten of de ruimte optimaal zijn om in te wonene, werken of slapen. De AQS 1000 verteld u exact wat de kwaliteit is van de ruimte. Van temperatuur, luchtvochtigheid tot zelf beweging.

Met de AQS 1000 waakt u over alle ruimte.


Indoor Air Quality Sensor 9 in 1

SKU: HKT-AQS- 1000
€ 229,00Price
  • Easy installation:support 3M glue or screw fixing, suitable for installation surfaces of different materials such as glass, wood, iron,plastic, etc

     The longest communication distance: the maximum Communication distance can reach 5Km in open environment

     Super long standby: low power consumption, easy to replace, use 4 AAA alkaline batteries,can be used continuously for more than 1 year

     Status display: the screen display is delicate, the visual effect is good under the sun,could see every corner, ultra-low power consumption, no refresh and no power consumption

     Buzzer indication: through the sound of the buzzer to distinguish the state change of the environmental quality scene

     Various monitoring contents: High-precision sensors are used to integrate formaldehyde, ozone,PM2.5&PM10, temperature and humidity, light, CO2, atmospheric pressure, TVOC, infrared detection and other functions to fully meet the indoor environment monitoring applications

     Good compatibility:Compatible with standard LoRaWAN® gateways and third-party network server platforms

     Integrated management: Fast connection with LoRaWAN® gateway and cloud platform without additional configuration

     Three-dimensional appearance: the shell adopts a three-dimensional structure design, with clean-cut, which brings visual impact experience to users

     Suitable size: 115 mm * 109 mm * 22.7 mm

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