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Domestic membrane gas meter with steel casing detects hoiw much gas is used in a specific period. Also detects running of gas while you are away.

Domestic membrane gas meter with steel casing

€ 375,00Price
  • 1. High measurement accuracy. The movement redesigns the rotating volume, and the difference between the diaphragm volume and the standard volume is less than 10% , so the change of the rotating volume will be very small within the size error range of each part, improve the accuracy of measurement;

    2. High stability and good consistency of repeat detection. Unique diaphragm limit and forced diaphragm turnover device is adopt.The limit of each movement of the diaphragm is at the same position, so that each movement of the diaphragm is filled with the same amount of gas, even after multiple movements and testing, the error of multiple detection is greatly reduced, and the stability of the meter and the consistency of repeated detection are improved;

    3. Good durability. The low-temperature diaphragm is adopted, and has very good softness, and will not deform after multiple operations, so that the rotation volume will not change too much, and the durability of the meter is greatly improved

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