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House with a Pool

Real time control for properties.
Avoid potential problems before they occur with alerts direct to your phone. 

So much more then just monitoring your home

Senmo gives you all the insights you need to keep your properties safe. Monitor noise, temperature, motion, lux, CO2, open/close, humidity and use it as an alarm when your property is unoccupied.

All our sensors works on batteries and can be installed without tools anywhere in your property.

ideal for billing gas, water and electricity to your tenants.

Also gives you insight in water leakage and energy spoil.

Safe the environment and go for Senmo 

Our 3 step ordering plan

Building Planning


What do you want to measure

Decide what information you want to have about you property. Temperature, noise, waterleak, , smoke detection, electricity usage? Almost everything is possibible with our wide range of pre-installed sensors


How much information and alarms

Choose one of our three plans. We have comfort, safety and utilities. They all have a specific setup and go from 1 to many properties.


Installation or DIY

All the sensors are preinstalled and only need to placed. We offer DIY or our specilist comes to your place and install al the sensors.


Easy to use

01. Manage houses, pools and much more

Our software gives you the possibility to manage one or more properties at the same time. It only gives you warnings when there is a problem. 

02. Notifications

Before problems start Senmo informs you directly on your phone, email or call. Water leakage, Gas leakage, water spill, appliances still on. Senmo controls it all and saves you money.

03. Real-Time Analytics

How much energy is used and what is the air quality in my rooms. What's the best time to use de Airconditioning. All data is stored and gives you insight in the well being of your property.

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